Along with the Landcruisers, Lenny and Whitney, Gaffke's Gardens and Landscaping maintains a fleet of purpose built machinery to complete your landscape professionally and efficiently.


Esky - Takeuchi Excavator – 1.7tonne


Takeuchi TB215R Excavator - 1.5tonne

Our Takeuchi TB215R excavators provides a nice blend of power and functionality. With a dig depth of 7 feet 2 inches (2190mm) and a maximum reach of 12 1/2 feet (3815cm), this machine can really deliver on the most demanding jobsites. It provides productivity and performance comparable to larger machines due to it's precision pilot controls and Variable Displacement hydraulic system. With a retractable trackwidth of less than 1 metre this machine can easily travel through gates and manoeuvre in tight residential areas where larger machines are at a disadvantage. This makes the TB215R perfectly suited for any jobsite big or small. The TB215 comes with both digging and mud buckets, ripper, and trenching bucket, log grab, stick rake, hedge trimmer and auger.



Takeuchi TB210R Compact Excavator

Would you believe this little baby fits through a standard door? Minnie is ideally suited to working in confined spaces or reaching areas with limited access where significant excavation is still required. She has a retractable undercarriage that allows standard doorway access with ease that can then be extended to improve stability while working. The compact design still allows for a maximum reach of 3.2m and digging depth of 1.5m.

Skiddy - Toyota Skid Steer Loader SDK5


Toyota Skid Steer Loader SDK5

Our Toyota Huski SDK5 skid steer loader is a quick powerful machine, capable of performing all the tasks of the bigger machines, yet compact enough to fit in confined spaces. With attachments such as a 4 in 1 bucket, grader blade, auger, trencher, smudger bar, rotary hoe, and flail mower. It is a reliable and affordable way to get the dirty jobs done.


Tacky Nom Nom

Takeuchi TL8 Compact Track Loader

This compact loader eats through the dirt with its bucket capable of lifting loads up to 2.7 ton and pushing load of 4.1 ton. It contains a Kubota V3307-CR-Turbo engine with 74.3hp (55.4kW) of power behind it. Quick and efficient, the loader can travel up to 11km/h when needed so it can cover large areas and complete projects promptly.

This machine comes with a stump plane, 4 in 1 smudger bar, Grass Master attachment and the incredibly useful Concrete Crusher that is just begging to turn your old useless slab into viable material.

Stumpy - Stump Grinder Vermeer SC30TX


Stump Grinder Vermeer SC30TX

Our SC30TX Vermeer stump grinder is a machine that gets the job done. Key points include a 27hp (20.1kW) petrol kohler electronic fuel injected (EFI) engine. The hydrostatic ground drive and hydraulic cutter well drive eliminates belts and pulleys reducing maintenance time and cost. Other features include an operator presence handle design which provides additional capacitance sensing capability. Tow individually controlled tracks allow a zero turning radius increasing manoeverability on confined jobsites. Stump is a strong and reliable piece of equipment, with 3.6 pounds per square inch, it is perfect for those areas with turf, mulch and other rough terrains.


Stumpy 2.0

GSR1500 Stump Grinder

An ever-reliable 420cc petrol Briggs and Stratton motor powering 9 carbide tipped teeth, Stumpy 2.0 will grind through the remains of any well-hugged tree. It is able to manoeuvre into tight working areas and can reach 30cm down into the ground without missing a beat. It will turn your stump and surface roots into mulch in a matter of minutes.



CMC S19e Spider Lift

Access is no issue with our spiderlift capable of reaching a working height of 18.7m and working basket weight of 200kg. It's compact design allows access into restricted areas, even through standard doorways. Easily towable and with intuitive controls, the spiderlift takes out the need for unecessary ladders and improves the overall safety and ability of our crew.

mowers vert

Zero and Katie

Zero the Toro Zero Turn Z Master 3000 offers the same time-saving speed and agility of a zero turn with the added strength and durability of a fabricated deck and heavy-duty transmissions. The convenient hour meter and height-of cut assist pedal also help you work smarter, not harder. With a 48 inch (121cm) cutting deck, any lawn will be done in no time.

Katie is powered by a high performing Kawasaki engine. Designed with the residential user in mind, the Kubota Z122R easily manoeuvres in and out of tight spaces without compromise to power. With a deep fabricated 42″ mower deck, this innovative mower offers unmatched comfort with excellent stability, well-placed controls and a low centre of gravity. Achieve your most precise cut ever with Kubota’s innovative dial cam that makes adjusting cutting heights quick and simple

Vicky - Chipper Vermeer BC12000XL


Chipper Vermeer BC12000XL

When there's tough brush clearing work to do, you can count on our Vermeer BC1200XL to handle it. Available with a 110hp (82kW) Cummins QSB3.3 Turbo Tier 3 Diesel engine, Vicky is rugged, powerful, and offers innovative features designed for safety and performance. Not only does it tear through material up to 12 inches (30.5cm) in diameter, it's patented productivity enhancements help make the job easy. Our chipper is a quick and reliable way to change any unwanted green waste into a useable mulching product.



Chipper Vermeer BC700XL

A little sister to Vicky, this smaller brush chipper still packs a punch with its 25hp (18.6kW) Kohler EFI engine and SmartFeed feed-sensing control system. Easy to manoeuvre into where it's needed and the ability to direct the output in any direction makes Ronnie a handy tool to have in any situation. She has a large infeed that can handle material up to 15cm, meaning less cuts on the raw material prior to mulching.

Pasquali SB38 Walk Behind Tractor


Pasquali SB38 Walk Behind Tractor

The high versatility of our Pasquali two wheel tractor allows our customers to be satisfied, in every season of the year, with all their needs about the tillage of soil, as well as maintenance of their vegetable patches and gardens. With the ability to access almost all areas and with attachments such as a flail mower and rotary hoe, no job is too big or too small for our little walk behind tractor. You won't find a more versatile piece of machinery.


The Lazy Bois

Yamaguchi WB06 TrackBarrows

Narrow enough to fit through a standard doorway, but tough enough to carry loads up to 600kg, our small fleet of motorised wheelbarrows help take the back-ache out of a lot of jobs. Utilising a tough 5.98hp (4.4kW) Kubota Diesel engine, you will be able to out-run them at their maximum track speed of 5km/h, but without them  you'd be hard pressed to lift the fully loaded tray to an angle of 70 degrees and dump their loads in entirety anywhere you want.

Crommelin 3200PSI Pressure Washer


Crommelins Robin 3200PSI Pressure Washer

Backed by a 9.0hp Robin engine, our petrol powered Pressure washer has the capability of cleaning up any job. It can produce a maximum flow rate of 14 litres per minute and comes with 4 spray nozzles on a steel lance and 10m braided hose to reach any area of the job. The ability to mix in detergent means that jobs can be completed more efficiently and lessen the time that repeat work needs to be done. Pneumatic tyres also increase the ability of manoeuvring the washer through rough sites as required.



WS4150 Superaxe Wood Splitter

If you want productivity, we can give you productivity. This fast, powerful, and highly productive machine means we can churn out up to 5 cubic metres of ready to go fire wood per hour. Featuring an 18hp engine, 200kg capacity hydraulic block lifter, large bench area, offset splitting head and rollers, this machine ticks all the boxes. She has a 360mm blade backed by a splitting force of 26 tons to break down the largest of logs and outfeed elevator to create a pile of split wood wherever you want it, even straight into the back of a ute.

Rubi DC-250 Wet Tile Cutter


Rubi DC-250 Wet Tile Cutter

The DC-250 saw is ideal for intensive cutting of glazed and stoneware tiles, as well as for porcelain tiles or cutting natural stone. The motor assembly of the DC-250 cutter is mounted on bearings, offering maximum precision and cutting quality. The continuous CEV-SUPERPRO diamond blade ensures a good quality cut in a variety of commonly used materials. Its large work area (1000 x485 mm) is ideal for working with large format tiles and has a water pump with flow control for blade cooling.